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Summer CUBS is an educational enrichment program that is designed not only to stem summer learning loss, but to give children the chance to learn in fun and creative ways that will make them want more. In addition to providing quality engagements for elementary school students, CUBS nurtures and supports future educators by using undergrad and graduate education students to teach and by creating internship opportunities for local high school students so they can learn explore possible careers in education. The interns acquire leadership skills while providing great role models for the younger children.

Summer CUBS serves, on average, 40 students per summer, ranging in age from five to 12. Teaching approaches vary according to age groups.  Testing has shown that 80% of the students benefit educationally from the CUBS experience.

CUBS is a collaboration among WAMS, Clark University, and the Woodland Academy, a Worcester public elementary school. CUBS takes its name from Woodland Academy’s motto that “Comprehension and Understanding Bring Success.”

An Inclusive, Dynamic Environment

The CUBS curriculum focuses on high interest activities that offer learning and fun at the same time. In keeping with evidence-based practices relating social and emotional learning with academic learning and success in life, each aspect of the CUBS curriculum incorporates the reinforcement of positive approaches to play and learning. Each day, students rotate through academic blocks that connect to one another in terms of content and approach, helping them learn skills relevant to the 21st-century, including innovation and cultural sensitivity.

Engaging Each and Every Student

Educational equity is achieved when all students receive the resources they need to graduate prepared for success after high school. Resources can take many forms, from access to equipment that is engaging and timely, to instructors who believe every student can learn. CUBS teachers understand how to highlight and maximize each student’s strengths and interests to provide experiences that are meaningful and purposeful. 

Problem Solving, Creativity and Collaborative Learning

Whether developing plot diagrams to break down the narrative elements of a story, or making simple machines like inclined planes, levers, and pulleys, students learn hands-on in small groups and have fun while they do. Literacy, Math, Science and Art/ Exploration all serve as opportunities for students to share thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions in ways that expand their knowledge and curiosity, maintain or increase their reading level throughout the summer, and get excited about learning. In 2021 CUBS adapted a social emotional learning curriculum, with age-appropriate activities, to help students create positive relationships with peers.

How You Can Help

We need your help! There are no fees for kids’ participation in CUBS.  Individual and group donations are important to fund the program. Checks payable to Worcester Area Mission Society can be sent to 6 Institute Rd., Worcester, MA 01609, or you can donate using the “Donate” link on the first page of our website and tell us in the note section that the donation is for CUBS.

Organizational Support

We are grateful for the support of church congregations and foundations as well as individuals. Recent contributors include the Carpenter Foundation, Clark University, United Way of Central Massachusetts, the Webster Five Foundation, Cornerstone Bank, and Berkshire Bank.

  • CUBS kids learn about foxes from an Ecotarium educator.
  • A visitor to CUBS classes
  • Social and emotional education in the time of COVID-19
  • Karen about to be bested at a board game
  • Our youngest CUBS 2022
  • Finished projects to be proud of
  • The fascination of hatching butterflies
  • An intern working with a CUBS student
  • Teamwork
  • Learning games are the most fun
  • Concentration in the art room
  • A teen intern working with a student on his project
  • The joy of creativity
Berkshire Bank
Cornerstone Bank
The Carpenter Foundation
United Way of Central Massachusetts
Webster Five Foundation
Worcester Arts Council