WAMS Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Overall Plan Goal

The overall goal of this strategic plan is for WAMS to increase its positive impact in the communities we serve.


Beginning on December 6, 2020, the members of the Board of Directors and staff of WAMS participated in a series of planning meetings.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings were held via Zoom.  They were facilitated informally by Karen Ludington, the Executive Director, Rev. Linda Michel, the Board Chair, and Kate Carey, a Director.  In the second session three panelists from community agencies shared their knowledge of community needs in Worcester, and at the WAMS Annual Meeting on February 24, 2021, the Executive Director of the Worcester Education Collaborative provided detailed information about the Worcester Public Schools that was used in the subsequent planning work.  The final planning session was held on May 26, 2021.

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of WAMS were developed during a visioning process in 2019 and 2020, and they remain the same:

  • Mission: WAMS works with individuals and community partners to inspire economic and educational equity through social change.   
  • Vision: Fueling inclusion, voice and opportunity for all.

First Focus – The education of children in the community in the context of child wellbeing.

Goal #1:  Expand direct educational services.

  • Objective A: Expand Summer CUBS by 1) adding grades; 2) increasing total numbers served and/or creating an after-school program.
  • Objective B:  Determine feasibility of replicating CUBS in North County and create a pilot project if feasible.
  • Objective C:  Partner with local organizations and churches to create/expand non-traditional learning activities, especially community gardening.
  • Objective D:  Run two to three drives per year to support school-age youth and families, including the MLK Day book drive.
  • Objective E:  Run educational and informational programs related to education in the context of child wellbeing, using our building to bring people together.
  • Objective F:  Return to hosting Trauma Training Tuesdays.

Goal #2:  Become a Strong Advocate on Public Education and Related Issues.

  • Objective A:  Educate Board and staff on local educational issues by learning from WEC, Black Families Together, and other organizations.
  • Objective B:  Respond promptly to opportunities for advocacy on local and state issues.
  • Objective C:  Participate actively in the WEC Worcester Education Equity Roundtable.
  • Objective D:  Determine if it is appropriate to join the Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership, and if so, join.
  • Objective E:  Participate in the WPS Strategic Plan Review if invited.
  • Objective F:  Work with Worcester Education Equity Roundtable coordinator to develop a communications platform for sharing of community information about schools and other issues.

Second Focus – Improving WAMS and its Relationships.

Goal #3:  Strengthen WAMS Operations and Infrastructure.

  • Objective A:  Adopt revised Bylaws and personnel policies. 
  • Objective B:  Create a new committee structure that will include Executive, Finance, Development/Marketing, and Governance Committees.
  • Objective C:  Recruit new Directors with more diverse backgrounds, personal profiles, and experience.
  • Objective D:  Adopt and implement a development plan.
  • Objective E:  Improve Internet access at 6 Institute Rd.
  • Objective F:  Investigate improving the lighting in the Gallery and, if feasible, implement changes.
  • Objective G:  Design a new website.
  • Objective H:  Significantly increase social media presence.

Goal #4:  Strengthen Connections with Churches.

  • Objective A:  Meet with Mission Committees to increase knowledge of the WAMS mission and programming.
  • Objective B:  Improve/increase distribution list for e-blasts or similar communications tool.
  • Objective C:  Create and pilot a new, structured, project-based learning experience for youth groups.             
  • Objective D:  Revive ReachOut Worcester for youth groups, with a different format of one long day, instead of an overnight.

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