Drive for Haitian Families

WAMS Programs

WAMS is asking for help with a serious crisis – the needs of hundreds of Haitian families that have been sent to central Massachusetts and are living in hotel and motel rooms.  Some of these families arrived with little more than the clothes they had on – T shirts, shorts, and flip flops.  There are many children.  Some of the mothers are pregnant and due to give birth soon.  The MA Department of Health and Human Services and private and public agencies from various communities are stepping up to provide essentials, and WAMS is part of this collaborative effort. 

We ask for everyone’s help.  There are two ways to do it:  make a cash donation to WAMS (6 Institute Rd., Worcester MA 01609, or by using the DONATE button on our website), and we will use every penny to buy necessary items; or go shopping for things on the priority list here:

Infant and child care safety seats

Pack and Play-type equipment to provide safe places for babies to sleep in motel rooms

Warm clothing, including sweat pants, sweat shirts, sweaters, and winter jackets for all ages and sizes


Feminine hygiene products


Nido powdered baby formula (available at some BJ’s stores) and

Personal care products.

Clean and intact used clothing is also welcome.

We will be happy to do the shopping or to deliver things that you bring to us.  Please call Karen Ludington at (978) 660-4915 to set up a time to drop items off.  We might be able to pick up donated items, as well, depending on location. 

Please help support these families in need as they try to live in safety in our communities.