WAMS Annual Meeting

Release Date

On February 23, 2022, the Worcester Area Mission Society, UCC, held its Annual Meeting.  The Board adopted a budget for 2022 that anticipated gross revenue of $479,900 and net revenue of $4,548.  WAMS Treasurer Sam Stewart reported that preliminary financial results for 2021 showed a positive net income.

The WAMS Board and staff welcomed a special Annual Meeting speaker, Ron Waddell, co-founder and President of Legendary Legacies.  Mr. Waddell gave an inspiring talk on how he created and runs his organization.  He emphasized that everyone is expected to fail sometimes and the growth that can come when failure occurs.  He spoke about the importance of listening to the younger generation and letting them educate older leaders.  Mr. Waddell spoke of conflict as “growth waiting to happen.”  Directors asked if Mr. Waddell would visit again to address the Board, and he agreed that he would.